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Sending kids to matches and tournaments costs money. Helping those without resources participate takes some cash, too. Your contribution allows us to extend our reeach to more kids, building passionate wrestlers and fans in the process. Please consider giving now (and whenever you can) to keep our sport healthy.

Your contribution is important!


As we grow across the nation we need volunteers who will handle “on-the-ground” logistics such as the coordination of ticket purchases and ticket distribution. To help coordinate a ticket program for your favorite email me at

Please choose a donation level. Paypal and credit card accepted.

1 youth admission at most major college meets

1 youth headgear for a needy wrestler

Typical youth tournament entry fee

The cost of many 1-day wrestling camps

The cost of tickets to NCAA Division III Championships for a middle school team

Wrestling for Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation
recognized by the state of Iowa.